Does suboxone help with pain?

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10 Jan 2011

Somewhat, but the way it is designed to melt under the tongue and to block opiates, they didn't want to risk it making people high, so it won't treat major pain. It does control pain somewhat. If a person wants to quit opiates and has and will have true pain, methadone is the medication of choice for that. Both are designed as opiate replacements and both act longer than normal pain medication, but subs are not designed for true pain. Methadone, if properly used, is safe, I know it gets a bad rap.

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10 Jan 2011

I'm not saying the other poster is wrong,but suboxone is an opiate agonist & antagonist which means that the two are supposed to counter act each other,but alot of the active "opiate" get through otherwise it would not help people dependent on & want to quit. I can't spell bupher( the agonist part of the drug. And believe me there are many(that I know) who abuse Suboxone,they just can't have any opiates in there system or they will get violently dope sick right away. They actully make agonist/antagonist drugs that have nothing to do with addiction or quiting,but stricktly 4 pain relief.

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christineATU 12 Jan 2011

Very true Buddy. Embeda is morphine and naltrexone.

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