Does SUBOXONE comes up dirty for opioids in a urine test done by the PO?

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29 Apr 2010

hi cc,in a reg ut i would say no. but a p.o. is not using a reg u t. but let us know when you find out... we'll be waiting...

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29 Apr 2010

N OPE- That's straight from my dr when i asked. (however marijuana is another story)
Suboxone does not come up as opioid-it's legal prescribed drug & i only know yu will pass w/sub in body (as long as nothing else is there), you WILL PASS W/FLYING COLORS!! So go for it! and Good Luck w/your new horizon! pEACE

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29 Apr 2010

no it does not show up on any test im on probation and get drug tested all the tim and sub dr also test me on a regular basis and it does not show up as an unless they have a new test out that test for suboxone,which im pretty sure you have to have a blood test or something to detect that so yo should be ok.

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29 Apr 2010

I know people that are on medicade and get tested every month so the doctor can see if the opiate is in their urine. If it's not they dont get their script. Plus my doctor gives me blood tests every 6 mounths to check my insides and it's on my test as on opiod. I'm not saying it will show up on that test but if it's not supposed to be there you may want to be carfull. Good luck with the test.

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