I am new to this board, researching Neurontin. My psych prescribed it for me because I am under a lot of stress and have had chronic (recurring) eye twitches. [B)] Before I was on Klonopin, but it stopped working for the spasms, benzos do that I guess.
Anyway, now I am on Neurontin and am up to 3 dosages a day, 300 mg. each. At first it made me really sleepy, but on day 3 I feel pretty good, and my eye is not twitching anymore. [8)]
I also have anxiety and depression, and am on Zoloft, 75 mg. daily.
Is anyone else on this combo? Neurontin seems to have little side effects. I take Cell Food for my liver, and to keep from getting bloated. No weight gain in 2 years of taking Zoloft, but I maintain a healthy diet and exercise at least 2 times a week.
Any one else with twitchy eyes??[:p]