Does methadone cause twitching?

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4 Apr 2010

Yes, minor twitching is a side effect. I am not a doctor just so you know, in fact I am not even a medical profressional at all lol, however i am on the MMTP in my area and take 100mg of methadone solution(The nasty harsh pink stuff) every morning. I noticed the twitching very shortly after starting the treatment. And actually,just for alittle added info,suboxone also made me twitch a little also, But not nearly as much,i noticed methadone causes me personally to twitch lightly in my wrists,arms,legs feet and ocasionally my Lower back. Suboxone i noticed only in my wrists. i know this was alittle more info then you asks for,i just figured it might help,considering most people who have been RX'ed one of them,usually have also used to other at one point lol, unless the methadone is being used for pain managment and not opiate or opioid dependence. i hope this helped.

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saraheavenhappy 13 Oct 2011

Thank you so much for the info. I was on methadone for four years and I have finally been off of it for 3 months. I have been questioning my recovery on my body. I have been having twitching all over my body and very very sore bones, my knees, my back, and my shoulders. My bones are cracking alot. Any advise for me, to why I am feeling this way and is it normal, and is there anything I can do to make my body recover better. thank you!

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