Hi everyone. I was actually looking for a lot of information and hopefully, success stories. I assume there are a few here but for the most part it seems as if most are not happy about having taken this drug. But, many seem extremely well read which is more important to me at the moment -- though I wish your experiences were more positive...

I am being described as major depression. I may possibly have been this way since birth as an outgrowth of my natural temperment stuck in the particular disfunction of my family. I can now recognize the minor bouts of depression starting in my teenage years. They would subside and then a new situation would set me off again. I am not bipolar with a long swing. I did have undiagnosed post-partum depression with my first and got by by the skin of my teeth. It worsened with my second child and I spent three years in therapy and refused drugs because I was a nursing mother. I held my own but true to life another incident set me off and it was too much. After much resistance I agreed to try this medication.

I started with 5mg and had several side effects, heart pounding, sweats, shakes, dizziness, euphoria and the feeling as if I were trying to run though water. But while on the one hand I was forgetful, I also had an immediate increase in concentration and the beginnings of hyperfocus. A great thing in my case. My anger, agitation, frustration and anxiety went from 200% awful to 200% great. It was a wonderful feeling to still have a full range of emotions but not be ruled by them. I had a great sense of time dilation. I had enough time to think before acting and use all my Rational Emotive Behavioral skills. I was tired and lethargic to begin with and lost most of my appitite which was fine. And I finally was able to sleep as I had not in several years. And while my intimate desires aren't overwhelming it did improve my enjoyment level!! Something I haven't had in years as well. A new lease on my marriage which is strained.

I did 5mg at bedtime for two weeks and then switched to 5mg morning and then again at bedtime. The recommendation was to take the meds at bedtime to sleep though the worst of the initial lethargic response.

After two weeks I moved the entire dose to bedtime which is were I have been for 4 more weeks and will stay at this dose for a full 12 weeks, possibly longer. All my symptoms have subsided. Even the jaw clenching is subsiding as of today. I still have some balance problems but it doesn't effect the quality of my life. The only thing remaining is the water weight gain and carb cravings at night. But they are easily satisfied by fruit and I actually have the self-dicipline to act on that. My hormonal balance has shifted but I'm in perimenopause so everything is shifting anyway. And for once in my life I am not having PMS. I can see why Serafem works!

I am actually looking forward to the three years I am supposed to spend on this drug. We have discussed methods for increasing dosages and will take it extremely slowly. Each change did bring a increase in symptoms that took about 3-4 days to subside. Supposedly my brain will rewire and with an equally long weaning period I am hoping to have a long period of relief in my life.

I would like to hear about vitimines, Omega fatty acids and whether I can take Magnesium to help with muscle pain. A great deal of my body pain has subsided and I see a Chiropractor who wants me to take magnesium to assist keeping it that way. But you are so limited on what you can take with this drug so I'm scared.

Thanks for listening.