Does Latuda help the severe depression associated with Bi Polar Disorder?

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18 Oct 2011

Hey Dave, usually latuda is used for the treatment of schizophrenia, that is the manufacturer's stated purpose for the drug, but it appears that some psychiatrists use it as an off-label drug for bipolar disorder. But it has not yet gained FDA approval for primary treatment of bipolar, so it's hard to venture a guess as to it's effectiveness for severe depression.

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Anonymous 19 Oct 2011

Hi Dave, Dave here, slattery is so correct in her answer! There are far better drugs out there than Latuda. For one it has to many side effects. Are you seeing a Psychiatrists or a General Doctor? If not You really need to see a Psychiatrists. A Lot of GP's are prescribing these very powerful drugs and do not have the special knowledge to handle these drugs. Good Luck Dave C

Anonymous 19 Oct 2011

Hi Dave, Dave C here again. Welcome to the group! I am Bipolar-2. You sound new to bipolar disease, I call it disease, not a disorder. I just wanted to expand a little as an after thought to my last answer. This support group you have found here has literally changed my life, in so many positive ways. Feel free to ask any question even if you think it is unimportant! By you asking a question helps me, in dealing with my bipolar"Disease". One thing, do as much reading as you can about bipolar. Most of all research what ever drugs they may want to put you on. You can do that right here Many times as everyone will tell you, it takes a while to find the correct drug for you. But do research in any drug they may give you, so will be fully informed of all aspects of that particular drug. (my personal opinion) there are better drugs available for bipolar "Disease". So glad you joined our group, use it allot. There are some brilliant and knowledgeable people here, and years of experience to draw from. Hang in Dave C

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