Does High blood pressure make U tired anf worn out?

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28 Oct 2009

I'm on medication for high blood pressure for four months now and have no symptoms of tiredness or worn out before I take the meds only dizziness and headache. Have you consulted a doctor lately? If it is hormonal changes, maybe you should try lifestyle modification like less late nights, avoid alcoholic drinks, eating more fruits and vege. take vitamins a and e. If you have time, do some aerobic exercises.

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I dont have high blood pressure but the old neighbor guy next store does and he drinks a lot. He is 75 yrs of age and I keep telling him to stop drinking. I told him that he could prolong his life. We help each other out quite a bit and his daughter doesnt seem to be around much, so I keep an eye on him, and we also go to the same dr. I told our dr. that he drinks a lot and he appreciated that. I didnt want to be nosey but of course he isnt going to tell the dr. I can only teach him about high blood pressure;but I cant make him quit drinking. He exercises a lot, or basically, he keeps himself busy. He doesnt describe to me exactly how he feels neither. He knows what I will think. He complains of dizziness and he is also flushed. Today he looked tired ,and as though he didnt feel well. I told him stay out of the bars and get some rest. He drinks like a 12 pk or more a day. He always says I only had 3 beers. Yeah right! I always say.


maryhill 28 Oct 2009

You should talk to his daughter and find ways to convince your neighbor to enter a rehab or clinic for alcoholics. Most elderly knows their conditions though they deny it. Is he concern about his medical insurance? If he has other children, try to talk to them also if they really cares for their father. I'm glad someone cares for him like you do.

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