Does bupropion cause panic attacks if prescribed with clonazepam?

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29 Nov 2009

Wellbutrin (brand name for buprion) in itself has been known to cause anxiety and restlessness. I have been on it and it made me speedy and in actuality its chemical make up has similar properties of that of amphetamines. So I know in me it did. I dont know your exact panic symptoms so its hard to say what you are going thru. My hands trembled on it and I felt speedy and I just didnt like the way I felt. If it is helping you and you take klonopin I would think that the klonopin would negate these symptoms so I am wondering if you are on too high a dose of wellbutrin or a low dose of klonopin. I wish you said how much you are on and how long and for wht reason you take it. Talk to your doctor maybe about a dose adjustment or maybe switching to xanax for the panic which works better for panic. Good luck

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1 Dec 2009

I have been taking clonazepam for years along with Effexor. I have also been taking bupropion for a couple of months now and have had no panic attacks.

I have GAD but several years ago I went through a short bout of panic attacks prior to being on meds.

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1 Dec 2009

im on my 5th week of wellbutrin, all its done is caused more agitation and shaking (no change in panic attacks but anxiety is up). the only bonus is when i wake up i feel a slight stimulent high

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2 Oct 2010

i take wellbutrin xl but try to stick to 150mg and at night i fell some anxiety so i also have clonazepam for those times i get anxious and it perfectly fine to use it when u need it i generally use the clonazepam in the evening but if i get anxious early in day or nite i use it then usually a half tab for day if need it and half tab to whole tab at night but it helps alot if u feeing to anxious . hope this helps u this combo has worked out really good for me .

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