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Does anyone have muscle pain from effexor xr?

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13 Apr 2011

I was getting muscle pain when I started weening off. It is not that bad now. I am almost off this medication and I would never go back on it again. The side effects were hell. I am feeling better now went from225mg a day now I am down to 37.5 everyother day for another 2 weeks and then I will be off.

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17 Apr 2011

Hi, yes I have experienced muscle pain lately. I'm coming off Effexor XR, and I have noticed as I gradually decrease the dose that my neck and shoulders, in particular, are very sore. I'm not feeling stressed, so I don't think that is the reason. I can only suppose that muscle and joint stiffness is a part of the side effects. I agree with Vincent1905, that this is a very difficult drug.

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