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Does any body use lamictal for migraine ?

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22 Sep 2011

Lamictal uses are primarily concerned with treating bipolar disorder and epilepsy. In the case of bipolar disorder, the drug is used for "maintenance" treatment, meaning it helps people with the condition keep their moods stable, but is not the most appropriate medication for treating episodes of mania or depression. Off-label Lamictal uses include treatment of absence seizures (also known as petit mal seizures).

For migraines, please do ask or seek advice from a doctor, please, take care, be well, best wishes.

Reumi 22 Sep 2011

Thank you, a neurologist gave me this treatment.
I take it since May.
I don't know if I will continue.
I am french, excuse my English !

Rajive Goel 22 Sep 2011

Most welcome, your English seems to be perfect... please see a GP not a neurologist for migraines.

Take care, best wishes.

11 Nov 2011

You need to see a neurologist or a headache specialist to treat migraines. They are the ones specifically trained to deal with migraines--not a GP. You are seeing the right kind of doctor.

And yes, my headache specialist suggested that I try Lamictal as a prophylactic preventative for my migraines. This was after I have tried many other prophylactic meds. This specialist is at the University of Michigan with an 8 month wait list since he is so in demand. So he is very well qualified.

I'm wondering why you think that you might want to stop it? Hasn't it helped you, or are you having side effects that are a problem? I am close to getting a prescription for Lamictal after I have gone through changes with 4 other migraine medications. So I'm very interested in your experience.

Thanks for any response that you can give me.

Reumi 11 Nov 2011

Because I am French, I prepare a response to you as soon as possible.
Best regards

Reumi 14 Nov 2011

I took Lamictal since april 2011, with a slight effect in the beginning. In June I had a heart surgery and the anesthesia stopped my migraines for five weeks.
I have a book in which I write my migraines, my mood and so on.
When I saw that the migraines were the same with or without Lamictal, I decided, with the neurologist, to quit.
I took 100 mg every morning.
The neurologist said to make a wash out and to try another drug in 3 months (february), Neurontin. Did you try this one ?
Best regards

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