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Does abilify cause weight gain? Doc wants to put me on 2 mg and also start on 50 mg pristiq?

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20 May 2010

This is one of the side effects listed. Just remember that not everyone is affected by it though. I just want to let you know that I loved being on abilify. I had not felt so normal in a long while. I was not advised when given the med that it would cause high sugar levels. This is a problem for me since I have a history of diabetes in my family and now my labs show that I am heading towards diabetes. If I would of known this or done my research ahead of time instead of just taking whatever meds are giving by my doctor/psych I would not have started it. Just thought you may want to always look into what is giving to you before just taking it. I know that we do seem to just trust our doctors/psych but we have to be the ones to take an extra step and find out what we are given. Good luck with the med. Can't say anything about pristiq.

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