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Can diabetics use lyrica?

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17 May 2012

Yes, Nerve pain -- It is approved to treat the chronic nerve pain that occurs after an outbreak of shingles (known medically as postherpetic neuralgia) or due to diabetes (known medically as diabetic neuropathy).

However, please do reconfirm from a doc/pharmacist as Lyrica is prescription med.

Take care, best wishes!

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17 May 2012

Rajive is right! this drug is used for this one thing that I might say and use as a word of caution I have a friend that was affected by extreme high blood pressure and some other issues (I think water) You might want to purchase an inexpensive Bp cuff if you don't have one and just keep an eye on it, what may cause a problem for one person may not cause a problem for another! I am sincere in my hopes and prayers that this does the work for you and that you are able to tolerate this with nothing but the best! Caringsonbj

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17 May 2012

Yes , Lyrica is a seizure drug with many off label uses for pain as with gabepentin it's cousin drug. It can be used for neuropathy, shingle pain, & fibromyalgia. It does have certain side effects as water retention which in turn can cause high blood pressure. I have used it & it caused this problem for me. Everyone is different & reacts differently to each drug. Many have used it successfully. I will give you a link below to read about his medication...

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