My daughter is suffering from chronic urticaria for several months now what was the cure you found?

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8 Aug 2012

Do they know what is causing the urticaria? Atarax (hydroxyzine) sometimes works well for itching and hives but it can cause drowsiness and sedation which makes it hard to function during the day. Answers would depend on the cause. If the cause is unknown then about the only thing one can do is to treat the symptoms. There is really no "cure" for chronic hives. There is mainly just symptom treatments unfortunately. Antihistmines (either OTC or Rx) is usually the first line of defense since hives (urticaria) is caused by a release fo histamine for whatever reason. If a reason can be found then avoidance of that trigger, of course. Sometimes it helps to keep a diary of foods, medicines and products that come in contact with the skin like soaps, lotions, laundry products see if any pattern develops in relation to the flares.


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monicaholguin 8 Aug 2012

Thank you so much for your kind response, you know is very frustrating to depend on a drug (Zyrtec) although at least thanks God this exists. Today she is going to start on Atarax (at night) because the Pediatrician says it could help as well. I read these stories of people that have got it for so many years and it scares me... Thank you again

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