My daughter feels sick to her stomach which is a side effect of vimpat, what can we do ?

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4 Aug 2012

Perhaps her doctor could give her something for it. Sometimes ginger ale or ginger itself helps nausea, and some saltines. If it is severe I would say talk to her doctor about it, he may know of something else for it.

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4 Aug 2012

Hello j smith. Possibly an adjustment to her dose. If thats possible. If not that then her dose be spaced apart to minimize the nausea. Best of wishes to you both, pledge

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6 Aug 2012

As previously suggested, check with her doctor. I have been on Vimpat for over a year now and have had nauseau at varying degrees. my doctor split my dose from 1 time a day, to a morning and a night dose. This helped yet I found I continue to need to eat at very consistent times and snack every two hours. I try to eat fruit, nuts and protein snacks. My family has been a big help with my regular eating schedule. Good luck to her and you.

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zbrosdad 3 Nov 2012

I've been on 400mg of Vimpat for about six months and I'm having increasing problems with just about constant stomach distress, frequent dizziness, shortness of breath, fatigue, and something that makes me feel like I'm having a heart attack yet responds to antacids. I suspect that these are Vimpat side effects but they may be from brain tumor reoccurring. I should get some insight into this in a few days after I get the results of my next MRI. The early morning fatigue was so bad that I arbitrarily split the AM 200 mg dosage in two which helped considerably. Any information about this situation would be really helpful.

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