I recently tried a narcotic painkiller called Oxycodone 5mg. My roommate had some left over from his broken leg and I was feeling sick one week so I gave it a shot to feel better. I must admit that it was amazing, since then I have taken 1 5mg tablet a week once a week for a month now for a total of 4 pills. I have done a lot of research on the drug and the only negative side to it that I find is that its habit forming and that its tough on the liver.

I control my drinking and smoking and do everything in moderation so if I am controlling intake to one tablet a week and am not going down the road of abuse what other side effects long term are there for this drug?

Simply put I cannot find any other dangers of it other then its habit forming. If i control that... is it going to hurt my liver any more then a weekend of heavy drinking will?

*I never drink and take this pill at the same time.*