I have been on different narcotics for years due to congenital spinal(neck) problems and fibromyalgia. I have been on Methdadone 40mg a day for the last year with Percocet for breakthru pain that I rarely use. THe last couple of months, I am down to 20mgs a day. I want to try to come off of it. I have gained about 30 # in the last year that I can not lose. I think I can get off the med now but am terrified of what will happen.

Does anyone know how I can do this with the least amount of problems. My doc told me that I wont have any withdrawl but I notice that I am really cold if I go for more than 12 hours without taking it. Im sure that is just the beginning of withdrawl symptoms. Will I need to go on Suboxene? I really would love to be off of meds.

Any help is greatly appreciated.