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Can you take oxycotin and valium?

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23 Jan 2011

Unless the same doctor prescribed both or knows and oks both, You should NOT take these at the same time. Both suppress respiration, and when they combine, it increases the suppressed respiration.

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24 Jan 2011

You definetly need to talk to your doc. about it. I did take both when I had virtigo but every case is different.

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24 Jan 2011

just allow the doctor to know using two central nervous depressants might not be the best for you ,always possible to have problems with slow respitations just confirm with him that it is not going to cause you harm in any way

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25 Jan 2011

I have been taking valium and oxycontin for 8 years without complications. I find that they work well together that is till the oxy formula changed and I had to get off that. Anti anxiety meds are often prescribed to people with chronic pain the pain causes anxiety. As the others mentioned as long as your taking these meds prescribed by a doctor and not on your own the now problem. If you are trying valium on your own just be careful start low. In my opionin valium is safer than that zanex, zanex is more addicting. Valium is an oldie but a goodie.

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