i've been on seroquel for about 2 years. my psych prescribed it for bi-polar but it made me sleepy, so he told me to take it at night for a sleep pill. I've been on 50 mg for every night for that two years. now i really want to get off it. the times i have missed a dose, i have been completely unable to sleep and then the next day have had the most amazing case of the all over itchies - but mostly in my feet.

i have been tapering off this time. i cut the 50's in half and then the now 25's in half. last night was my first time trying to sleep without any and i fell asleep around 5 this morning. i'm not working right now so that is ok, sort of, but the real, nasty problem is the itchies.

does anyone have any experience with this? my doctor is in another state, we moved, and i haven't connected with anyone new yet, but i have always been bothered by the 'addictiveness' of this drug.

thanks for any help you can give me.