Can you get high using cocane while taking suboxone?

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11 Feb 2010

Yes you can. I don't know what the side effects would be though. It would probably be horrible. If you're on Suboxone and still want to get high that's a problem. Suboxone is used for opiate/opioid addiction so you must have been addicted to something besides Cocaine. Try to get help. Go to AA or NA meetings and overcome this addiction. It's not easy but it gets easier each day you're clean. Good luck to you.

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oktoday 11 Feb 2010

I agree with mit. The side effects when combining the two would probably be horrible. They dont have the studies yet but even cocaine alone can kill you. I live in a small city and you see warnings from the public health department. In my area they are cutting the coke with a drug they use in animals. When snorted it causes your white cells to stop producing and people have did from infections that they normally could fight. Remember when you get coke, you dont know whats in it, how many times it has been cut and you can get a bad batch and not even know it and get sick weeks later from it. You need meetings,support and help your addiction is active and I have seen many people switch addictions. I hope you get some help and you are worthy of a good life dont throw it away because of curiosity or go down that road that leads to jails, institution or an early death. Keep asking for help and please dont go down that road.

gungadin 12 Feb 2010

Ok, Please listen... I made this mistake and it's a big one ! I took some coke at a time when I was on detox meds like suboxone/methadone and Each time ( Yeah I'm an idiot that did it more than once ), Each time the coke knocked out the detox drugs and sent me straight into heavy withdrawl. I repeat, HEAVY WITHDRAWL !!! I was kicking and thrashing about and when the morning came and I got a ride to the Dr's office I was punching the windows of the car. I was in the worst agony of my life. I tried to lie at the office because the first question they asked was if I had taken any coke or speed. The UA told the story, but I didn't care I just wanted help. The detox drugs helped... in about 2 hours. Please don't use coke while you are on opiate detox meds. I swear to you this is all true. g

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