Can you fail a urine test taking ultram?

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8 Nov 2010

Possibly, Ultram (tramadol) can give a positive reading for phencyclidine.

As long as you have a legitimate prescription for Ultram from your doctor you should be fine.

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redvoodoo22 12 Nov 2010

Being concerned about that should be the least of your problems! Ultram is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. It is highly addictive and causes seizures at higher doses. I saw you made a post about having seizures, you need to get off it. I was up to 1000 mgs. a day and had a seizure, ended up in the hospital for 3 days. After that, it took me over a month to slowly ween myself off the stuff. If you try to quit cold turkey... The withdrawals will be hell. Take it from me, Ultram will ruin your life.

12 Nov 2010

No you cannot! Although a controlled substance, it only HAS the opiate effect, it is not an opiate! I have been tested many times, while I was taking the prescription for some major back surgery. I am an RN, so we would take regular drug screens and it never showed up, They knew I was taking it and it was a legit rx, but because of my job, I was tested frequently and it never showed up. On another note... although it's not an opiate, it having the opiate effect in the Central Nervous System, it's highly addictive and depending how long of time you've been on them as well as the amount of mgs a day, the worse your withdrawls will be. The best option if you do need to get off of them, is to ween yourself.
Cold Turkey is almost unbearable! Good Luck

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