Can we prescribe pain killers to a pregnant women?

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1 Sep 2010

they gave my friend percocet when she was 7months pregnant. right before she had an emergency c-section because of her extremely high blood pressure. i guess they thought if the pain went away, her blood pressure may go down. idk... it cant be ruled out for birth defects... im sure it depends on how far along the woman is and the risk of the effects on the fetus.

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1 Sep 2010


I do not mean to be rude, but are you a doctor?

Thank you

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1 Sep 2010

I am so happy you asked if "we" is a doctor.some people think we get paid for answering these qustions.last week someone asked for us to speak to our packaging department. cause he couldn't open his meds without a knife... lol

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Anonymous 1 Sep 2010

Thats funny!:)

Anonymous 1 Sep 2010

Man oh man!

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