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Can this medication Risperdal can cause breast leak even if you're not having a baby?

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3 Jul 2013

Yes. Risperdal raises your prolactin level. Prolactin is a hormone. Pregnant and nursing women have very high levels. Prolactin stimulates lactation. So even if you are not having a baby your breast can leak because your prolactin levels are most likely raised due to the Risperdal. You can ask your provider to monitor your prolactin level... there is a simple blood test available. It is nothing to be alarmed about though.

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16 Aug 2011

yes risperdol can cause your breast to leak i am a witness of that. after starting risperdol my breast became tender and appeared to be bigger than usual and i call my self rubbing them to sooth the pain and a fliud escaped from them. i wasnt to worried because my doctor already told me that its a possibility that they would. my only problem was she didnt say anything about them hurting. they felt like they did after i gave birth to my daughter in 05 i was so upset i couldnt even lay on them. so your breast lactating is normal when taking risperdol so dnt worry

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29 Jun 2013

Yes it is possible for breast to leak milk while taking risperdal without being pregnant it happened to me in I though I was until I met with my doctor. So as soon as you can get to the doctor in check it out to be sure its nothing more or serious...

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2 Jul 2011

Risperdal can cause breast leaking (galactorrhea). Check on the web site and look under diagnosis and management of galactorrhea. At the bottom of the page is a list of medications associated with breast leaking and Risperdal is one of them.

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LaurieShay 2 Jul 2011

Thanks for the info! Learn something new everyday.


25 Jun 2011


Breast leakage is not listed as a side effect of this medication.

Side effects for future reference:

I suggest you contact your Dr. when you have the chance and explain to him / her what you are experiencing.

All the best,

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25 Jun 2011

You do not list your age or conditions, but you need to see a doctor immediately about this breast leakage. This one sign of breast cancer. Have you ever had a Mamogram? Is there tenderness or lumps around the nipple? Do you do self exams regularly? Is there a family history? All questions you need to ask yourself & be prepared to answer to your doctor. Good luck to you...

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25 Jun 2011

Hey JazzyJ,

As Maso said, I doubt the nipple discharge is from the risperdal. That being said, it does need to be evaluated by a doctor. While it probably is a benign situation, nipple discharge can be indicative of a more serious condition. Please have your gynecologist evaluate the color and consistency of the discharge as soon as possible. For further reading about this condition, try the following link:

Best wishes,


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