Can someone with hep c & cirroses of the liver take suboxen?

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21 Apr 2011

if you are taking it for pain it should be no problem. but i am no doctor so make sure you check in with them first. i was on suboxen for 6 months and it worked great, you didn't get loopy or high. the only thing it did do was give me migrains that is why is stopped taking it. i hoped this helps if so please check yes at the end of this answer so i know i was helpful, your friend if needed amber

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21 Apr 2011

Not trying to be evasive, but I would ask the opinion of a pharmacist on this particular question, I would think off hand that subutex might be better, but since people who have hep c have a weakened liver, then less medicine going thru it, the better. Subutex only has one of the meds in it, not the second med, which is naloxone, other than that, it is the same as suboxone.Pharmacists are really experts on medication, and likely would be able to tell you how rough the suboxone or subutex would be for the liver to metabolize. Pattishan

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21 Apr 2011

Hey transportsvcs,

The literature points out the following about Suboxone:


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