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Can someone send me the taper schedule for tramadol?

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12 Oct 2010

by cutting back 1/4 of a tablet every week.It will take 4 months but you will not get withdrawal this way its the best way to do it and remember ultram is a opiate and also has antidepressant properties so be careful and consult your doctor he will be more then willing to help

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13 Oct 2010

i would cut back a pill every week. if you take 4 a day, cut it down to 3 for a week. then 2 for a week, then 1 for a week, then maybe 1/2 of one for a week. if you feel like its too fast of a taper... try cutting it back every 2 or 3 weeks. hopefully you'll be able to get to where you want to be... and im guessing that is zero! i have heard that withdrawls from tramadol can be a living hell. please be safe. you are being wise by not trying to quit cold turkey. good luck to you! xoxo

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lady17 13 Oct 2010

Thanks Melissa, but I been on percocet for 3 years due to my back, and I'm trying to stop, by using tramadol instead. Which withdrawls you think are worse percocet or tramadol? I don't want to get my self in a bigger problem.

i think that percocet being the stronger narcotic, that the withdrawls from it would be worse. there are a few women on here that said there experience with tramadol withdrawls were worse than coming off of heroin. i guess it really just depends on the person. i really hope you are able to come off of them with minimal withdrawl symptoms. the most common are sweating, diarreah, fatigue, vomitting... some people even have seizures from quitting cold turkey. i would taper very slowly. you are a very brave person. i just dont think i have it in me to come off of my hydrocodone just yet.

across110th 14 Oct 2010

I am NOT A DOCTOR but was on Tramadol for four years. There is no easy way off, but my suggestion is to get it over with in a week. I was on 8 a day and went to 7, 6, 5, etc... until I was done. Someone suggested FOUR MONTHS! Jesus. Sometimes you just have to suck it up already. Get some anti-diahreals and just be prepared to be uncomfortable for a little while. The first two days are terrible (take vacation time!) but it really gets easier. As with everything, you simply have to WANT to get off the drugs.

22 Oct 2010

Hi are you actually taking tramadol at the moment? If so how many? Like the last member wrote the withdrawal process will very from person to person even if you are taking the same quantities. I would lean more to the suggestion of dropping one pill a week, as this is what i did and it worked for me. I was taking 800-900mg a day at my worse. If you are taking percocet and hoping to exchange these for tramadol to get off the percocet, please don't do it. I did this with alcohol. I started drinking to come off tramadol, then started drinking excessively so thought i'd just take a few tramadol to get off the drink again, and now i'm back on 400-500mg a day. I also started takinf xanax when coming off tramadol and then had difficulties coming of that! Tramadol can really mess with your head!! They really f***ed my head up badly. Are you able to approach a professional for help with this? If you want to ask anything else please do so. Good luck : )

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