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Can seroquel have any adverse reactions with klonipin, albuteral, and advair?

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11 Feb 2012

Hello Katie. If you can, take the Seroquel in the evening or at bedtime. That way, the two, meaning Klonopin and the Seroquel will have a less sedateing effect on you. Make things more managable. Good health and wishes,pledge

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11 Feb 2012

If you take seroquel (anti-psychotic)and Klonopin (tranquilizer) at night, should have no problems while you are getting used to them, The inhalers albuterol and advair have todo with breathing, not your head.
The Happy Hippie,

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15 May 2010

Seroquel will interact with Klonopin and make you very tired and you may want to do nothing but sleep. It shouldn't react with the inhalers though. Be careful if you mix the Seroquel and Klonopin. Do not drive when using both of those together your reflexes will be way off and you may fall asleep at the wheel and get hurt. Good luck to you.

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