Can saphris cause fluid to build up and swelling?

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28 Oct 2010

Fluid build up & swelling has not been documented, however Saphris could cause the most common side effects of Saphris included:

Drowsiness -- in up to 24% of people; Insomnia -- up to 16%; Extrapyramidal symptoms -- up to 12%; Headache -- up to 12%; Dizziness -- up to 11%.

Other common problems, occurring in 2 to 7% of people, included:

Constipation; Loss of sensation of the mouth; Vomiting; Weight gain; A jittery sensation; Anxiety; Indigestion or heartburn; Fatigue; Increased appetite; Increased salivation; Changes in taste; Joint pain; Dry mouth; High blood pressure (hypertension); Stomach discomfort; Toothache; Irritability; Depression; Pain in the extremities.

For more details, please seek medical advice from the doc/pharmacist who prescribed the med, take care, be well.

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14 Feb 2012

It caused a lot of water retention in my legs. I had to buy a size larger shoe and started take furosemide (a diuretic) to try to reduce the water retention.

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samy555 9 days ago

my hands swelled I had to take my rings off and they still have ring impressions 1 week later, every joint in my body hurts and it swollen, especially old surgery sites, even a bad bladder infection, chills sweats can't even get dressed or out of bed

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