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Can percocet cause fatty liver desease?

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1 Apr 2010

Percocet has tylenol in it which can effect the liver. Oxycodone itself doesn't cause problems with your organs when it's taken properly.
What the problem can be is doctors prescribe it long term which is not what this drug was designed for. You quickly grow tolerant to it and some people end up taking much more than prescribed. So on top of chancing addiction you also risk liver damage from the tylenol. So my advice to you is to ask your doctor to prescribe you oxycontin which is sustained release oxycodone. This means you don't have to take a painkiller every couple hours which in its self can cause some mental addictions. Try and stay away from quick acting opiates. If you are properly dosed you should rarely need as so called break thru drug... Good luck and take care of that liver as it will regenerate up to a point... Dave

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christineATU 1 Apr 2010

Dave... get to the ms contin, pain group and answer the question about how much meds her mom is on!!! you will see it

mpvt 1 Apr 2010

I looked and answered. I'll leave it at that,lol... Dave

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