Can kalonapin come in pink or yellow tablets?

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4 Aug 2011

i used to get .5 mg klonopin and they were yellow, now i am on 1 mg and at first they were giving me green pills and now they are giving me dark blue pills. I have never seen a pink one but that doesnt mean it doesnt exist, there are manny different manufacturers it all depends on what pharmacy, what state, what mg the pill is and who made it, i know of three manufactureres accord which gives you blue 1 mg pills, teva which gives you yellow .5 mg pills and green 1 mg pills, and i forget the name of the other company but they also do yellow .5 mgs... but those three arent the only three, there are manny more so there may be a pink pill im not sure on that one, another thing you could try is go to bing or google and type in pink kolonopin and add any extra details you have but the best way to check is the pill id on this site so id make sure you use the pill id to check the pill out if you dont know for sure what it is, i hope i was some help to you.

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