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Can I use saizen for bodybuilding? what is the dose and for how long?

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17 Jan 2010

Absolutely- I am taking 25 units daily and looking and feeling like I am 30 yrs young and am 49. It gives great gains- a solid pump- shreds the body fat off -not to mention the urge for lovemaking has sky rocketed why woudn't you use it?? bigjim

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teknos 22 May 2010

isnt 25 IU a bit too much... and isnt that expensive... I wanna start Saizen too but is 1.5 IU a day good? The cost for 9 IU = almost $600

Splanch 28 Mar 2012

How do you take it - I don't have the eazy pod

1 Dec 2009

I've done some research but have not been able to find any answers. Other members may be more knowledgeable so please be patient.

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