As a rule, I do not swap meds with anyone. However, I have a close friend that was in serious pain and takes Oxycodone on a regular basis. Her doctor, for reasons we are not sure of, post-dated her prescription. As a result of that she had run out of her Oxycodone. I gave her a few of my Loratab and in return she gave me 3 Oxycodones. These pills are 80mg. I have never taken Oxycodone before and the Loratabs that I do take are 7.5. My question is this: Should I be able to take a full Oxycodone safely or can I cut the pill in half and still have it work to relieve the back pain I have.

The back problems stem from a car accident I was involved in with a Semi who made an illegal turn on the highway while I was right behind him doing 65mph. I have two herniated disks and a bulging disk.

Not that any of that matters, but I just want to point out that the Loratabs only lessen the pain, not completely take it away. I usually have to take 2 Loratabs if I am hurting a lot at that time if I want the pain to go away. The most Loratabs I have taken at once was 3. The only side effect I suffered from that time was cramping in my stomach which I fixed by eating a couple of pieces of bread.

I would truly appreciate an answer to my question. If the Oxycodone is going to cause me any major side effects, I will just give them back to my friend and call my doctor a couple of days early to get my prescription refilled. Thank you for any input!