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Can dogs use cipro for urinary tract infections?

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23 Aug 2011

I dont know for sure but I would not advise it. The differences between dogs and humans as far as dosages is not related to weight I believe so even if you found out it was ok you could kill the dog by giving the wrong amount. Please take the dog to a vet for proper care.

raven6154 23 Aug 2011

i completely agree with ElizaJane... this is a question for a vet - cipro is a very drug. even it's use in humans has to be very careful. please get proper help for your pet from a vet. good luck.


23 Aug 2011

Some dogs as my wee Bichon was are prone to calcium osolate crystals in the urine that actually make stones like they call kidney stones. It does cause them many urinary problems. How do you know your dog has a urinary tract infection anyway? If a vet diagnosed the urine he/she should have prescribed an antibioitc also. Please check with your vet before giving anything like this to your dog. The normal dose for humans are based on 150lbs. Plus I don't know if dogs can take cipro or not. They always gave my dog amoxicillin, but I do not know the dose or anythig. Just my thoughts...

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