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Can Cyproheptadine be used to assist with getting a child with ADHD to sleep at night time?

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3 Aug 2009

Cyproheptadine is an anti-histamine used to treat allergy symptoms. A main side effect is drowsiness. Whilst it probably would do no harm I would not recommend giving Cyproheptadine to your ADHD child to aid sleep. If your child is having difficulty sleeping you would be wise to talk to your doctor. They will be able to suggest a safer and more effective medicine.

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21 Aug 2009

What you should try first cause it's the simplist and cheapest is Melatonin. You buy it at local pharmacy under $10... completely natural and very safe. How I came across this is my son who is 6 has severe ADHD, and sensory integration disorder.
His Dr suggested the Melatonin for him, cause he couldn't fall asleep at night cause his brain wouldn't stop racing. (That's how my son described it)
I got it and it worked so good I couldn't believe it. When I went to grab it I double checked with the pharmacist to make sure it's safe for children, and he said absolutely. I have informed a lot of people about this and most think it works great. There was 2 of my friend's that it didn't work for. I suppose like everything else, everyone is differen't but try it ASAP. Because I couldn't say enough about it! Good Luck, & hopefully sweet dreams!

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tammydonny 8 Nov 2009

Since I posted last. The melatonin has stopped workin for my son. His pediatrician has prescribed clonidine for him to sleep. I have not given it to him yet. I love his pediatrician but something about this med doesnt sit well with me... Anyone have experience with this?

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