Can a woman start menopause at 28 years old?

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23 Jun 2010

I would say no... you are too young to start menopause. Tell us why you think your menopausal.

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24 Jun 2010

I come from a family where all of the women have been finished with menopause by the time they are forty.The problem all nine of us have had is that no Dr has believed we were going through menopause until its all over. Then we are told, well u were right, ur hormone levels r postmenopausal. but no help at all as we go through "The Change". My own problems started after I had my last child at the age of 25. My period never returned to normal but all of the hormone test came back within normal limits. Therefore the only thing my doctor did when I started flooding, then not bleeding for three months was ... nothing.Im 38 now and I have a period about three times a year.A floodin 7 to 10 day period with severe cramps nd backache. Or three days of light spotting. However my dr wont order any more test because im too young for menopause. Find another dr if you cannot get results. Your r your only advocate in healthcare these days.


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22 Nov 2011

I am 28 and have just been told my hormone levels are pre-menopause. I have night sweats, mood swings, long heavy periods that come at irregular times accompanied by horrible lower back pain, headaches and migranes are wicked, loss of libido, fatique, wieght gain, periods of confusion, itchy skin, cramped muscles, achey joints, issues with bad breath no matter what I do, my hair and fingernail are thin, and times when my breasts hurt for no reason. All I've been told are signs of menopause.

So I'd say yes.

From what I've been told it can start in the teens as well. Sometimes from genetic issues, or just from being born with smaller than normal ovaries. It can also been caused by other things, which is why I have an appointmant with a obgyn for follow-up. Maybe find out how long I've been like this, is it is just my natural time for this - OR if it is a precurser to something worse.

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