Hell0 - I'm new to this forum and hope that someone can answer my question. I have a friend who continuously buys different types of drugs online i.e. Vicodin ES, Valium, etc, from US companies without a prescription. Is this legal? I know that buying drugs out of the country and having them shipped to US IS illegal - but she claims she is not doing anything illegal. If it is illegal - how is she getting away with this? Everything comes to her within a couple days by fed-ex. Can she get in trouble by doing this? I'm worried and need to know if anyone of you have done this and have gotten introuble for it. Her husband does not know and I keep waiting for the day that the police show up at her house. If someone can convince me it's ok (or not ok for that matter) I could share this with her... then it's just not MY opinion. Thanks so much.