Hi, this may be answered hopefully , I can get a straight answer. From what I know, Im told (majority) of the time, Suboxone, or buprenorphine, will NOT show up in drug screen positive for opiate.

Why Im confused, is now when I research this drug, Its a pretty potent Mu opiate agonist, but antagonist for kappa. Why or how wouldnt this drug show up? I dont mean a specific test for it, Im talking about a standard 8 panel, that would show positive/negative and levels of the opiate?
My doctor told me no. But I was thinking because of my addiction to opiates, he might me just saying that so I dont think I can get away and go use, even though it blocks other opiates.

If this is 100 percent a no, then in a way, it could be heading for a more abused type of drug, than for detox, because people who say get monthly or weekly urines wheather its probation job, etc, will just use it., and you do get pretty buzzed at a 8mg dose if your opiate nieve.

Im almost positve from what im told , It wont show, but then again there is that few others who claim yes it will.