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Does any body have an increased hunger with Bydureon?

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13 Aug 2012

Extreme hunger or increased hunger is unfortunately a reported side effect of taking Bydureon, if you think its too uncomfortable you could ask the doc/pharmacist who prescribed the med to give you another med for diabetes.

Please take care, best wishes!

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13 Aug 2012

Hello 7171964. I agree with Rajive. Added thought, a dose adjustment might help somewhat. Best of wishes to you, pledge

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13 Aug 2012

Since on Bydureon I lost 8 lbs.My humger stays the same.I took Byetta 3 years before switching. Fill up with salads. Someone said adjust the dose. YOU CAN'T it only comes in one dose.

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14 Aug 2012

Thanks for your help. Glad it is not just me. I can just get done eating a big meal and 10 min. later I am hungry again. I don't really want anything to eat, but I do feel hungry. I usually try to move around and do something and can work thru it but it is frustrating. Sometimes the hunger gets so bad I feel sick. I see my Dr. this week, guess I will see what he suggest also.

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SUZAG 8 Sep 2012

I've been on Bydureon for about 8 to 10 weeks now. At first I was ravenous but that has seemed to decrease and sometimes I have to remind myself to eat! I've lost 16 lbs. At work, I have substituted snacks for crushed ice and that has helped a lot. I think I eat out of boredom at work. I have noticed that if I wait too long to eat, I start to instantly feel nauseous and have to get something immediately. I only test in the morning but that has gone from 250 down to 105, I would say that this stuff is working!

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