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What's the best thing for diaper rash?

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3 Oct 2013

Triple Paste, depending on how often it may be an allergy to breast milk, formula, new foods, etc. My son who is two has MSPI we found out 3 weeks after he was born because he has blood in his stool. It's a milk soy protein allergy. Also could be a sign of acid reflux. As pp stated changing the diaper every hour helps. Sometimes we cloth diapered because going throw 24 diapers a day is very expensive.

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3 Oct 2013

The effective treatment for Diaper Rash involves frequent diaper changes and keeping the area Dry. Luke warm water and mild soap can be used for thorough cleaning of the area and then the area should be allowed to dry. Frequent application of one of the many diaper-area ointments containing either petroleum jelly or zinc oxide provides an effective barrier against skin irritants and lessen friction to irritated skin.
If there is no effective response within two to three days, the possibility of a secondary bacterial or yeast infection must be considered. In this case, it is better to have the diaper region examined by a physician.

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