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Bactrim DS - does bactrim clear up urinary infection and swelling on the outside of the vagina lips?

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22 Apr 2011

It will clear up the UTI probably but may not clear up the vaginal swelling, you could try it, if you are not allergic to sulfa, bactrim is sulfa and many are allergic to it.

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22 Apr 2011

Are you sure you dont have a vaginal infection? Vaginal infections can irritate the urethra and urinary meatus (the opening to the bladder) and cause burning upon urination but the bladder itself is not infected. You need to be evaluated and give a UA specimen. A UTI should not cause swelling of the labial tissues(vaginal lips)

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23 Apr 2011

em, is 65 your age if I may be so bold as to ask? If so you could be experiencing vaginal dryness & thinning of the tissues. You need to see your gyn or whomever you see to properly diagnose this problem.As DzooBaby stated, you need a urinary culture done.The labia may be unrelated or coinciding condition. Only a doctor can diagnose this properly...

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emt65 23 Apr 2011

no i am 45

Anonymous 23 Apr 2011

Well sorry, was just going by your name thingy. If you have gone thru the change of menopause this could still be your problem, or I agree with TheDzooBaby it's unrelated , but you still need to see a doctor...

23 Apr 2011

My Mom ffound out really quick that you had to have somethig on your stomach, (Bactrim DS is Double strength) So just be sure as Pattishan said that you can tolerate Sulfa

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