Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - is guanfacine or teenex used for adhd?

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18 Dec 2009

Although guanfacine is rarely used anymore, it's main function is to act as an antihypertensive medication. It can also be used to control ADHD and heroin withdrawls. Hope this helps.

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10 Jan 2010

Hello, yes Tenex is used for ADHD; it only helps, however with the impulsivity component of this disorder and does nothing for attention and concentration. Further, the newer trend is to switch or start out with Tenex, versus Clonidine, because Clonidine is an alpha adnergic drug, which simply means that it has a greater affinity for those receptors, than the Tenex. So, it is more dangerous for client who do not take the medicatioin consistently and when they do not, they are at high risk of extreme hypotensive episodes whereas the Tenex, works similiar, does not have as great affinity for those receptors. So, if client haphazzardly takes his or her medication, Tenex is much safer because it does not tend to have the extreme impact and effect on the blood pressure as does the Clonidine. So, you will see many child psychiatrists, and psychiatrists in general, trending toward the Tenex utilization and not as much with the Clonidine due to the added risks. Hope that this helps.

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