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Are there any drugs that can cause a false positive for pcp in urine drug screens?

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22 Nov 2010

Yes,I took a urine test they wouldn't let me right my drugs down & i failed.I was taking:Seroquel,Cymbalta,Topamax,Wellbutran XL,Trazadone,Prozac,Nexium.Then after i told them the company wouldn't let me write them down & it didn't matter so if i would do it again i will always write my drugs down.


22 Nov 2010

Hello Tracy,

Yes, there are certain medications that can cause a false positive reading for PCP:

Tylenol Simply Sleeps (diphenhydramine)

Effexor tablets (venlafaxine hydrochloride)


I hope I have been of help.-

Take care,


25 Jan 2012

I lost my kids BCUZ I chose to go to a military hospital after two ER visits in 4 days for severe dehydration (which I later found out was from an allergic reaction to a sulfa based antibiotic-caused severe vomiting, and urinary and bowel incontinence occurred for 24 hrs I couldn't move off toilet, and vomiting into tub), due to the fact that the two, civilian hospitals couldn't figure out what was wrong. I got drug tested at the military hospital and I was hot for PCP too. I literally said: what the h$$$ is PCP? There's no way, it's my meds, check it. What you need to do is have it sent to a real lab to show its synthetic, which would show its a medicine. What are you taking over the counter? Make a list of all meds. Benedryl comes hot for benzodiazapines, with many antidepressants it will show pcp hot. Go to your pharmacy too, pull a list of meds. My situation turned out after many years researching was klonopin, and Effexor XR.


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