Are roxicodone and oxycodone 5 mil the same thing just different names?

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17 Jun 2010

both have 5mgs of oxycodone in them so "Yes" they are basically the same... Dave

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chadley 18 Jun 2010

thank you i wasnt sure if they both had the same effect since two different names.Guess must be the buffers in them that make them different?

17 Jun 2010

Yes dave is right. Oxycodone is the generic name and roxicodone is oxycodone made by roxanne pharmaceuticals.

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chadley 18 Jun 2010

thank you wasnt sure if they both had the same effect s.Must be the buffers in them that make them different?Cause i know they sure taste different.

21 Jun 2010

hah as long as they are both 5mg because roxicodone comes in 5, 15, and 30.

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