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Does anyone have problems sleeping on wellbutrin,even with Ambien?

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22 Sep 2012

I prefer to take the Wellbutrin XL and take it first thing in the morning so it doesn't cause me any trouble. Which formula do you take and when?

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22 Sep 2012

Hi Shamma, I certainly did, and I had other unpleasant side effects as well. I felt as if I had taken speed, even though I've never taken speed. It also caused a bit of anxiety for me. But others think Wellbutrin is great, we are all so different that what works for one does not work for another person.
I didn't sleep for what felt like five days, yet my husband said I did sleep a little.
This side effect may wear off over time, so if you want to really give Wellbutrin a try stay on it for a month to see how you feel.
Best wishes to you

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22 Sep 2012

Yes, but considering Ambien is designed only to help get us to sleep, it is often overrun by meds of another medium and substance. Hope this helps.

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