Has anyone tried Instaflex for osteoarthritis?

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8 Oct 2012

Alas Rachel,
I have not tried that particular med. I find that mobic works best for me.
Just a little hint, press conversation rather than the default direct and you should get more conversating.
Sweet Hippie Chickie

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8 Oct 2012

Apparently willow bark is an ingredient. This is the basic form of aspirin. So if you are not able to take aspirin or other NSAIDs it would not be wise to take this. Also if using blood thinners it may not be good to take.

I suggest you contact your pharmacist, give all the meds and supplements you take and have them check this.

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8 Oct 2012

I have tried it unsucessfully for over two years according to a doctors advice for my osteoarthritis, & it didn't do a thing for me, but just my personal opinion. I have heard others say it can help. I think it could be at the stage you are at, & very individualized. I can't take NSAIDS for pain control so sort of up a creek. They have their own website if you just google the name instaflex it comes right up with advice etc... and wecome back Laura...

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Anonymous 8 Oct 2012

That was Welcome back Laura... Mary

9 Oct 2012

I'm 77, had severe knee OA that started about 7 or 8 years ago. I've been using a multicomponent supplement called OmniFlex for about 5 years and have full knee function with little or no pain during or after vigorous exercise. It has fish oil, krill oil, rosehips, collagen II, and pine bark extract.

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