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Has anyone beenn on Tramadol for several years ? (for back pain )?

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3 Mar 2012

I've been taking them for 7 years. If you've been prescribed them, I would suggest that you ask your doctor to prescribe something else. These things are very addictive! I've had 3 unsuccessful attempts at getting off of them. If you haven't started taking them, I wouldn't go down that road.


4 Mar 2012

Hi youngmale99, bad stuff that tramodol! I am giving you a link to go to about this med. You would do better to talk to a Pain Management doctor & get on a long acting drug like oxycontin. Just a thought... Mary

jbirdinacage 6 Mar 2012

I find practically NO relief from back pain with tramodol... I have no problem going on and off it either. You definitely need a long-acting pain solution or something stronger like Norco.

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