Anxiety and Stress - is Xanax good for anxiety?

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2 Sep 2009

Xanax is designed for outright panic attacks.

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2 Sep 2009

Xanax is good but highly ,highly addictive. It should only be used short term. Counseling should also be used to teach you new ways to avert anxiety. Some antidepressants also work for anxiety but you should also go to counseling when you are on those to maximize the efficiency. Even group counseling is good.

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3 Sep 2009

The aforementioned contributor is exactly correct, Xanax, is one of the most addictive substances/medications that a person could easily, even without intent, addicted to. Further, there are other choices for your anxiety in the same family as Xanax which are longer acting preparations; however, a great amount of them are addictive or have the potential for addiction. Therefore, for pure symptomatic treatment of the anxiety, then I would consider Vistaril/Atarax or a very, very low dose of Trazadone, to assist you with attaining some symptom relief. Vistaril/Atarax (different brand names), are in the same family of antihistamines, including the popular Benadryl. However, Vistaril/Atarax does not seem to create extreme morning hangover versus its family member Benadryl, and because it being non-addictive with ability to provide some symptom relief, it is regaining usuage in psychiatry for anxiety and or insomnia.


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