Why are anti histamines contra indicated in diabetics?

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7 Jul 2012

I have never heard that they were. I looked up several anti histamines and none of them say diabetics shouldn't take them. The caveat is use in renal disease, so it could be thought if you're diabetic you could have kidney disease. I know my friend is diabetic and the doc has her on anti histamines.

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7 Jul 2012

I am not a doctor, but I have allergies really bad, & use antihistamines, & my husband is diabetic. I am sure it is because antihistamines tend to dry you up, & a diabetic has to stay hydrated because of the kidneys. It's basically a matter of keeping the urine flowing, & I know when I take an antihistamine, I tend to dry up & not urinate as much as I should be. It woorys me because I don't have kidneys that function very well anyway, but can't stand to be sneezing, coughing, watery eyes etc... all the time. Best thing for a diabetic is to be tested for their allergies, & avoid what they are allergic to...

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7 Jul 2012

I take mucinix for stuffiness. Am diabetic and on bunch of meds. I think you may be thinking of something else or you are taking varius meds that conflict with it as well as having diabetes. Yes?. Please explain more fully why you are asking. Thanks

And I know you can Benadryl as well.

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endlessPred 7 Jul 2012

Mary, you must have posted while I was thinking. When I take antihistamines I have to drink lots more water. My kidneys are borderline and I have no problem as long as I make it a point to drink a ton of water. I alternate between cold water and carbonated water like Klarbrun or such as it has a hint of flavor. Nothing with sugar or fake sugars, of course. Glad I don't have your situation. It would be one more step closer to the end for me. Whew! Hang in there girl. You are a tough one. Karen

8 Jul 2012

i wanted to know abt cetirizine in particular... my mom is a diabetic and she developed a lotta uneasiness and felt queasy after takin one.

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kaismama 8 Jul 2012

These are the side effects of it, that anyone could get. Its not because she's diabetic.

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