Take amphetamine salts er 20mg and it use to be orange capsule. Picked up last night and it is blue?

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1 Feb 2013

Hello angy9,

Can you please provide the imprint of the blue pills you got?

Take care,


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1 Feb 2013

Hi angy
I also take 20mg only in pill form so I can split. Pharmacies often switch between manufacterers. I have had different medications at same dosage change colors on me more than once. My 20mg used to be orange and now they are bright, almost neon pink. My 10mg before I switched to 20mg was orange then blue. You can call or visit your pharmacist to double check. You can also go into the log in page on this site and check the pill identifier (I don't know if it names the manufacteror or not which may or maynot allow for a good comparison). Your bottle should state the company that manufactored it. Go on their site which will describe it and should have a picture. Depending on your pharmacy, your prescription usually comes with a page of interactions, etc. that should also identify what the pill looks like or it might be described right on the bottle. Personally I use Target. They're really good about putting a sticker right on the bottle stating that the pill looks different.

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angy9 1 Feb 2013

Thanks for your answer. Yes it is a different manufacture. I had ask the pharmacy and the lady told me that sometimes they just switch colors. i found that odd because for 5 years i have always gotten orange. She never mentioned that they were using a different manufacture.

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