Does amitriptyline help with fibromyalgia?

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6 Aug 2009

Amitriptyline has been used for a very long time for nerve pain. It does help a lot of fibro patients.
One of the main things that helps fibro patients is exercise. You should be out walking at least twice a day. Also eat a well balanced diet and stay away from junk food. Good luck... Dave

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sadieNleroy 7 Aug 2009

I have taken amitriptyline in the past. This drug does do wonders for you. My only complaint about it is that you will eat anything ,and everything when you take this drug. It makes you sleep like a baby. But I ended up gaining 30 pounds when I took it, and that was years ago.

LIR 8 Aug 2009

i have taken up cycling and walking. I heard that devils claw is very good for inflammation. Have you tried this by any chance. I am only 42 and feel like an old woman. Thanks for your comment. Fionnuala.

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