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After the suboxone dissolves do u spit it out or do u swallow?

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26 Apr 2013

i have been taking subs for 2 years about 2 an 1/2 a day i kno injectin an 8mg of buprenorphine u get 100 percent of it , under your tounge you get 60 percent an sniffing it 30 percent,swollowing one whole alomost 10 if that... so its best to let it sit under your tounge till gone 5-15 or more mins... but in my opinion i feel that cuz i have been takin them so long it takes longer to get through under my tounge an that i have more juice in my mout longer an get temped to its takes longer for me... bet to wait til tounge has a tingle iunder it an a little numb that to me mean thats the bup. has went through an just the qrange flavor an filler are left to swollow... also in the early stages..swollowing the juise did make me have a bad headache also was cuz i was on to high of a dose to soon receptors were not used to it... so in all after just the flavor is left swollow!!

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18 Jul 2010

You can actually spit out the dregs but I would wait at least 10 full minutes to make sure that the medicine is fully absorbed under the tongue. You can also use breath mint or other small candy if you hate the taste while you are trying to dissolve the medication.

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31 Mar 2011

I am answering this question as a health professional with personal experience.

Sublingual medications are absorbed through the oral mucosa (ie the tongue), which most everyone probably knows already. The issue that is not addressed here is that ALL PILLS contain fillers. Fillers are substances that give the pill color, size, and allow it to hold a shape. After 20 minutes (for the tablet), ~90% of the buprenophine is already in your system. What is left behind are fillers, naloxone, and trace amounts suboxone. If you feel like swallowing go ahead. Personally, I spit it out because I get severe headaches when I swallow, but if you don't experience ill effects like I do, go ahead and swallow.

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14 Jul 2010

How does one swallow which dissolves? Not being funny, in the first place why would one take a med to spit it out? You perhaps refer to SUBUTEX
(buprenorphine HO sublingual) Tablet? This is a mouth dissolving pill.

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christineATU 14 Jul 2010

You're right, Rajive, I think he means should he swallow his spit. And yes, he should.

Rajive Goel 14 Jul 2010

Ya, Chris correct, I did ask him that, anyways, thanks.


14 Jul 2010

You should swallow your saliva... do not spit, as this will negate the effects of your medication! Didn't this prescription come with directions?
Best o' luck!

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Anonymous 14 Jul 2010

MMMMM! nothing like a good swallow of spit to make you feel better lol.

Anonymous 18 Jul 2010

mrspage is on a roll today!!!

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