After takng 50 mg. 3x a day of Nucyta, how severe would withdrawal be?

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24 Jun 2011

Hi himer2,
Would you please add how long you've been taking it?
Thank you.

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24 Jun 2011

2 months

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Anonymous 24 Jun 2011

Your withdrawal shouldn't be too bad, because of the short duration you've been taking Nucynta. However, I looked it up (right here on see above Drugs A to Z) and the literature states that tapering off of it is the best way to stop. Are you able to taper off as opposed to stopping abruptly?
I mean no offense at all when I ask you this ; but did you take it as your doctor prescribed? (Many people abuse these types of medications, that is why I ask, and no judgement if you were taking them recreationally)
If you need help getting off of it cold turkey, just let us know, many of the members here have gotten off narcotic pain relievers and can offer great advice on the subject.

24 Jun 2011

Hey himer2,

As sweetlemon said, you've haven't been on the Nucynta too aweful long, but I would still taper off rather than just stop. You are on a low daily dosage of Nucynta and should be able to reduce by one pill daily for a week, then by another pill daily for a week, then stop. If you experience any withdrawal you can take a half a pill a day for an additional week then stop.

Good luck and do consider the taper so to avoid any chance of withdrawal,


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